Friday, June 23, 2006

The Things Kids Say #1

I'm sure that there are going to be a lot of these as we go on, so I might was well start the first one off by numbering them!

We were driving back from picking Tom up from the airport (he almost got on a plane for the first of three times today!) when Max suddenly asked an odd question. He asked if the 23rd had passed yet. I said that it was the 23rd, and why was he asking? He said that after the 23rd we cold vote for Bob Allen and Smith (or whatever the correct names are - he pulled those out and I have NO idea what they are!). Tom and I looked at each other and nearly lost it! Somehow between the signs on the side of the road, the folks in the Memorial Day parade, and who knows what else, he knew that after today we could vote here for the Senatorial Priamary. I was so proud (gotta love a kid with a sense of civic responsibilty at 5) and at the same time trying not to laugh out loud! He is so suceptible to advertising, of any sort apparently.

So, I spent the next few minutes ezxplaining that I wasn't yet registered here to vote (we only moved a few months ago and I haven't even gottten a local driver's license yet!) and that we had to be registered first to vote. Gotta love the things kids say! (And yes, I'll work on the driver's license!)

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