Friday, December 07, 2012

6am Lice? No. Not really.

Ugh. At 6am this morning, about 50 minutes before my alarm went off, I woke up. And it wasn't a wake up then fall back asleep wake up, it was a wake up, have that startling thought that you might have this terrible thing called lice, then sit there and wait for the next 50 minutes until your alarm goes off wake up. It was one of those times that you curse your brain for running amok. Normally I'm a HUGE proponent of my brain running amok, but when it messes with my sleep, well, it is not a good thing.  And the lice? Well, we've had lice before in this house - early last year they made a stop here. But this isn't me with lice, this is me with an itchy scalp likely due to low iron and some minor hair loss (I have loads of hair so no worries there), a friend with a kid that has nits (no live lice that she can see but the kiddo does have nits) and this brain crazy of mine running amok. So there I sat at 6:03am, then 6:32am, then 6:45am, cursing my brain. Ugh. But at least I don't have lice. Hopefully tonight will be better, and I'll sleep a little longer tomorrow morning.

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