Thursday, March 10, 2011

A tumultuous two weeks

I'm a firm believer of what you throw out in to the universe you get back ten fold. But what on earth have I thrown out lately to get back this crap? Really - lice, bad, bad viruses, weird muscle pulls? These things, in combination with weird weather patterns has me watching out for the 10 plagues. You know - of Biblical proportion. Yikes. Over the past few weeks we have endured all kinds of nasties, trials, and tests. We're fine, and it's nothing we could't handle, but the rapid succession of stuff that we're been through has been painful to manage to say the least. We are through the lice, the viruses are lifting, and the muscle pulls, well, my obliques for the first time in 38 years introduced themselves to the rest of my body. Geeez. Thanks. But don't mind me. I'll be sitting here curled up with my pillow and tea...and Advil.

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Ray said...

Well, there ya go! Rest and relaxation is best for many trials.