Friday, February 17, 2012

What's on our TiVos these days

We have two TiVos in the house - one is mine, and the other is really for the kids, but I occasionally park stuff on it. (Don't judge - I watch a LOT of TV but that's for another post.) All of these shows are in season now, and there's a whole host of cool shows that pop up in the off season for these that we really enjoy (Psych, Dr. Who, etc.). But it's been a long while since my TiVo was empty since they started showing various things at different times of the year. What's on your DVR?

Shameless - new favorite, definitely not for the kiddos but it makes you feel good about yourself and how NOT screwed up you are
Justified - reminds me of Texas crazy and Timothy Olyphant is easy on the eyes
Parenthood - LOVE this one but it makes me cry pretty much every episode
Grimm and Once Upon a Time - not 100% on either of these, and I assume one or both will be cancelled, but I like the idea
NCIS/CSI/Law & Order - All episodes of all of these guys and their spin offs - LOVE the crime dramas
Castle - speaking of crime dramas - MAJOR crush on Nathan Fillion
Robot Chicken - YEA! back on the air with NEW episodes, full of GREAT things to quote and VERY inappropriate (for some adults as well as kiddos!)
Glee/American Idol/The Voice/Smash - LOVE the music shows (mainly the singing parts, not so much the drama) and can't wait for the next one
White Collar - Crushing on Matt Bomer (Neil, of course) and enjoy the mindlessness of it
Raising Hope - LOVE this show - cheeky and irreverent
The Firm/The Mentalist/Fringe - Fun to watch but missing an episode isn't a big deal

What's on the kids' TiVo: (Most of these are clearly for Lucy - she wants to see all kinds of different things on a whim, and so we just keep them all around instead of tapes or DVD's)
LazyTown - Who doesn't love Sportacus (well, Lucy probably doesn't, but I could watch that man flip around all day)
Dora the Explorer - SWIPER NO SWIPING!
Octonauts - It's new and kinda cute
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Gotta love the Mouse!
My Little Pony - It's the third incarnation of this horse fest and even more drippy than before
Yo Gabba Gabba - A favorite of hers and tolerable, sometimes even enjoyable for me
Bubble Guppies - Bubba bubba bubba guppa guppa guppa (Lucy's version of the theme song)
Max and Ruby - Ruby and Max (he he he)
Chuggington - It's not Thomas, by any stretch of the imagination
Blue's Clues - We love Steve more but Lucy seems to like them both
Frenemies - That's the boys - not a clue what it is
American Idol - This one's for Max
Pokemon - Most likely NOT for Lucy...let's see...Ian and Sam?
Various version of Zack and Cody/Shake It Up/Lemonade Mouth/whatever tween shows that Max grabs

What Tom watches: Soccer, oh, and soccer. Occasionally he catches a soccer game or two as well. I do catch him channel surfing, looking for soccer. And during football season? The kids shows get bumped as their TiVo mysteriously gets filled with my football games. Love that little TiVo guy!

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