Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Love Netflix Instant!

The other day I was sitting and listening to five kids laugh and giggle as they watched Home Alone 2. After about 10 minutes I had to walk away - can't stand that movie. But what I really liked was that the kiddo that was staying over mentioned the movie, two of my kids asked if we could watch it, and I could say Yes because it was on Netflix and I could stream it instantly. How cool is that.

Later on I was sitting at my computer looking up a few TV shows that I wanted to catch in the past, and noticed that Netflix made a few recommendations for me. That made ME laugh and giggle - this is why:

Yes, these are the things that Netflix suggests that I watch based on what I have in my queue. Here's what they say:

How these are chosen for you:
We create this list based on your recent rental and watching history, ratings, queue adds and taste preference settings.
We try to present a regularly updated selection of titles chosen specifically for you -- older titles that you may have missed and new releases.

Huh. Dora and Taking of Pelham 123? Yeah. Best in Show and Psych? LOVE them! But Veronica Mars, Assassins in Love? Just don't get it. I guess they think I'm all about British comedies/children's cartoons/adventures/teen dramas/dark humor. Never thought about it like that, but they aren't too far off.

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