Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Go Cowboys!

Yes, even Lucy is getting in on the action around here. It's coming up towards the end of football season - you know - that time of year when I reappear after spending HOURS each weekend in front of the TV. My poor husband calls himself a football widower. But this year wasn't so good for any of our teams. Two didn't make their playoffs (Dallas and UTexas) and one did make a bowl game and not only showed up but played well an won - GO FSU! But it was a lame-o football season all in all. The BCS Championship was only shown on cable TV, and we might have two #6 seeds playing in the Super Bowl. Good thing we had our little Cowboys fan around to make us smile! We are tried and true Cowboys fans around here - no fair weather fans in this house! And the only rule for the kids is that you can cheer for any team you want unless they are playing the Cowboys, and so far so good on that front. So pay attention to that big grin Cowboys - she's got a winning smile and we want a better season next year!

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Michele McGraw (ScrappinMIchele) said...

If only she had on a Packer's shirt. I grew up in the suburbs of Milwaukee, so it would be a sin to not be a Packer fan for me. :D