Thursday, November 04, 2010

Her dog ran away!

When you adopt a pet on your phone and you fail to feed it, play with it, or clean up after it, it runs away. But when you are two you don't really care...

And when all THREE of your pets run away (DOGGIE, bunny, and rock all left within three days of one another) then you still don't care but can't figure out where all of your friends went!

Fortunately your mom knows where to get some new ones and you are back on track neglecting the needs of your favorite pets once again.

(If you know of an iPhone App that acts like a "raise your pet" app but doesn't require actual work on the part of the person that owns the pet, please let me know. Lucy doesn't care but she does get bummed when her pets don't do what she wants them to do - oh - and when they disappear.)

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