Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pearls of Wisdom

Also know as - answers MOM has to come up with on the spot in the car (of course)!

Ian: Mom, where do you get money for your bank account? Uhhh....

and then a few minutes later:

Max: Why do you sing so soft when you sing in the car? Yeah....

Both took me completely by surprise and we ended up with a request for me to sing louder (agreed to as long as I know some of the words), and a long discussion about work and how we divide assets, etc, when the mom doesn't work outside the home and the dad does. The questions just kept coming. But hey, they told me that they wanted to hear me sing, not to be quiet, so I'll count this particular car trip as a win.

1 comment:

Aunt Ray said...

Aunt Ray can also develop a lecture on these topics, money more than your singing, when she visits next time.