Monday, January 25, 2010

Amazing Kids

This time, I'm not talking about my own kids! We are in the midst of the budget cycle for our school district, and tonight is the first of three nights of public hearings. Last Friday morning and again this morning I worked with two girls who are getting up at tonight's meeting, and in front of an auditorium full of parents and other assorted folks, are speaking.

First off the idea that they were not only willing, but that they wanted to get up and speak is impressive. And secondly, the speeches they wrote, well, let's just say that they hit the nail on the head. I couldn't have asked for better speeches from adults. So often adults get lost in the intricacies of the language and in our attempts to be concise or accurate, or whatever, we lose our message and our emotion. These two girls really hit home runs with their speeches. One even walked in with her speech complete, and after a few very minor edits, she is good to go. I am so proud of these two girls I can't even begin to express it. I fully expect at the meeting tonight a raucous crowd full of folks listening for exactly what these little girls are saying, and they'll definitely be happy when they hear these two speeches! So, to M and B, congrats on speeches well done ladies. You two are going a long way in life!

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