Monday, January 11, 2010

Are we missing out on vacations?

I often wonder if I'm missing the boat here by not taking more vacations. Granted, we generally sneak away once a year to Disney, but we don't go on all of those other fun trips that I so often read about on friends' blogs, in their holiday letters, or even on Facebook. One friend was even trying to decide this afternoon if she was taking her kids skiing tomorrow. And there's not nearly enough snow on the ground here to go skiing, so I assume that she's hauling them off somewhere.

So are we missing out by NOT taking vacations more often? I certainly don't feel like it all. I'm sort of a homebody these days, and would rather hang out here with the family than pack it in and trek across the state/county/world to see some sight. And doesn't everyone (well, except the kids) know that vacations are ten times the work for moms? It's not only getting ready for the vacation, but it's wrangling the little kids the entire time - being hyper vigilant because you never know what they'll get into in new surroundings - and thus it's ten times more stressful than a romantic getaway for two. Can't even remember what those things are like though - it's been years.

So I guess I'm looking over that fence, and while the grass is greener, it's still not enough to get me off the couch. Then again maybe when the kids are older it won't seem like such a daunting task.

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