Friday, April 03, 2009

Love my Magic Eraser

I've talked before about how special my Magic Eraser is (and if you haven't heard me say it out loud, I LOVE MY MAGIC ERASER - IT GETS EVERYTHING OFF!!!). The other night I used it in an off label use way, and survived to tell the tale. What are you supposed to do when you get primer all over your skin, and your newly manicured nails? When I say all over, I mean all over. It was in every crack and crevice on my hands (not to mention loads on my old jeans!). I had paint in places that haven't seen the light for years (on my hands). Anyway, after washing my hands three times in warm water, twice using soap, once just scrubbing with my fingers or nails, I was quite unsuccessful at removing a majority of the paint. So, I took the Magic Eraser into the shower with me and gently scrubbed the nails and skin and easily removed the paint - all of it. So to the folks who's kid supposedly burned themselves with a Magic Eraser, well, anyone who scrubs that hard with anything will get an abrasion - old or young. Anyway, it's been disproven, debunked, whatever, and that night I did my due diligence and used my Magic Eraser to removed paint from all over my hands.

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