Monday, October 27, 2008

Little Bitty Jars

Probably not the actual smallest mustard in the world, but it certainly is the smallest jar of mustard that I've ever seen. Yes, I said jar - real glass. While out of town a few weeks ago I was attempting to eat something a little more healthy than fast food (now pick yourself up of the floor - I'm working on that and proud of what I accomplished that week and a half!). So, I was hitting Target, Giant, and Walmart for lunches and dinners. they have great prepared stuff as well as a good selection of fresh cooked foods. (Why can't we have nice stores like that here????) So I grabbed a fresh sandwich from Walmart and went hunting for some mustard in one of those little packets. After a brief (very brief but I missed them the day before) search I found these little guys. This is Dijon Mustard in it's own little bitty jar. There's enough in there for about two sandwiches (I am generous with the mustard as I'm hooked on it right now). Perfect size and you can't beat the prices - $.50. Yup, had to pay for it, but well worth seeing the teeny tiniest mustard I've ever seen.

And yes, I was a little bored while I was out of town - obviously the mustard was the highlight of that particular day. And no, I don't normally take pictures of my condiments, but hey, it was cute.

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