Monday, October 20, 2008

Ewww...public bathrooms

Ever wonder when it was safe to let your kiddos venture into a public restroom by themselves? Well, the answer is pretty much never. But then reality sets in and you realize that your three boys aren't so interested in seeing all those women peeing (cause they are old enough to really look now), and that maybe it is really time. Then a funny thing happens. Almost every man that walks out of the aforementioned public restroom gives you an update:

"They were playing in the water so I told them to finish up."
"They are almost done."
"Are those your three? They are washing their hands."
and my favorite:
"They are still in there."

So, aside from the fact that it is bathroom in a semi clean state, and who knows who actually is hanging out in there, and who knows what they are touching or not touching, seems that half of the world is looking out for my three the public restrooms.

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