Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The competition begins/continues/whatever

I have this adorable three month old nephew and we got his first smiling picture the other day (did I mention that he is adorable?). I also have this husband who is an identical twin and is always in competition with his brother - over silly things, if you ask me. So why am I talking about the nephew (belongs to the twin brother, by the way) and the hubby? And how is there even a competition in here between these two? Well, our daughter Lucy is three days older than my adorable nephew. It's not bad enough that HE (the twin brother) has four kids and now WE have four kids too, but apparently since our fourth is older than his fourth we win. Well, Tom wins, but he's a big dork about things like this so I'm not really sure what winning gets you other than bragging rights. But three days?? No real bragging rights there even for three days.

Until the smile picture showed up that is. You see Lucy has been smiling since at least the begnning of October, and apparently my adorable nephew just started. So OOOOOOHHHHH, we win. Huh. He's a boy, and we all know that boys are a bit slower developmentally than girls (Lucy has decided that she's ready to stand up even though she can't quite sit up yet) so the nephew's first smile coming after his female cousin's first smile isn't a big shock. So back to the victory and the competition. Honestly I just don't get it.

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