Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Terrorist Amongst Us...

Well, it seems that our sweet little Ian is testing out the role of terrorist today. We went to the park with out new playgroup, and we took our bikes and trikes to ride there. The kids were all playing well and seemed to really enjoy it outside today (even though we had record heat!). Sam had gotten off his bike and had wandered over to the playgroud, so I was splitting my attention between him and Ian on his bike. Ian LOVES riding his little 12" bike - all decked out with training wheels and a bell. Well, I turn to look at Sam and make sure that he's not throwing sand (his ususal park behavior these days..sigh...) and I see this woman go racing towards this little boy and Ian speeding away on his bike. The mom turns to me and says that Ian ran him over! I said "What happened?" She replied that she thought that Ian was going to avoid him as they were the only two on the basketball court (BIG EMPTY SPACE),
Ian and Sam toodling around the BIG EMPTY SPACE

but he didn't turn away and basically plowed into this almost 2 year old. I called Ian over to which he replied with a scream, at which point I had to CHASE HIM DOWN on foot. Can you imagine? Sweet little Ian has the devil in him today. Once I grabbed him off his bike he smacked me on the head (I was wearing a hat so it deflected most of the blow) so I sat him down and put his bike away. He did not like that one little bit. He was so completely pissed off at me. In between apologizing profusely to the other mom and getting things packed up, I told him that he had to apologize and he WOULDN'T! He kept saying "NO!" So, I gave Sam five more minutes and we left. He stood next to me the next five minutes and screamed and yelled that he wanted his bike back. Not a chance - this kid needs driving lessons! Right before we left he wandered over to the other little boy (who honestly was oblivious to the whole thing but it helped to assuage some of my guilt!) and apologized realizing that I meant business, but we left anyway.
Darth Ian

So, sweet little Ian has gone over to the dark side. He has figured out what it means to misbehave and is running with it. Man, this is so not what I thought he'd be at this age! Oh well, gotta have at least one that causes a ruckus in the family...and no Kim...no more laughing.

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