Sunday, August 19, 2012

Why we rent

As I sit here typing this post, I'm reminded why we rent - at least one reason - we aren't responsible for any major repairs. Unless we break something, I pick up the phone and say things like "A tree fell in the yard, can you guys come clear it out?" or "The washing machine isn't washing any more, can you come fix it/replace it?" And the biggie - "The sink/shower/drain/toilet doesn't work/is stuck/is dripping. As I sit here we have a dripping, no, a running faucet in the tub. It's running at a pretty decent clip, and it's sort of disconcerting that the water is running, but at the same time we placed the call, were told that if it's not going to flood anything to hang tight, and that we should call in the AM. And when we call, THEY will send someone out to fix it. My big inconvenience is that I have to listen to the water running, and then overcome the urge to get up and try to turn it off. It's running - Tom tried to get it to turn off, I tried to get it to turn off, and it won't turn off. So I sit here happily listening to the water running, knowing that I'm not responsible for it, and also that I'm thankful that I'm renting. The low rent, ability to walk away if we have a job change or need to move, and the great landlords that we have here all make it so worth the hassle of renting. But ask me again in a few years when our lease is up and we need to find another place. But in the meantime I'm loving the fact that I'm a renter.

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