Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The BEST Hair

So Max - my oldest and "He of the very stylish and cool hair" - won an award at school and NEVER MENTIONED IT until tonight. Granted - it's only been a few weeks since school got out, but still - he never mentioned it. His peers voted him the Best Hair in his half of the 6th grade. I was DYING laughing when I saw the certificate - and realized that he never mentioned it because his Dad is constantly harassing him about getting it cut. Tom likes the clippers. He likes the kids to be clippered, and he'd like Max to be clippered too. But for the past year I've run interference, driven him to the local haircut place, and Max gets to have his hair cut however he wants to have his hair cut. 

The thing is, Tom actually appreciates the fact that Max has chosen something other than "just whatever" or "clipper #3" as his haircut style. It's intentional, which meets Tom's requirement for everything from home decor to landscaping to attire. But Tom would NEVER in a million years tell that to Max - you know - "He of the very stylish and cool hair" because he still likes the clippers. So I think it's cool that Max won an award given by his peers in the 6th grade that recognizes not athletic ability or brains, but something different for him. As one friend said to me (in another, unrelated context," maybe he really is becoming a renaissance man, and that's kind of a cool thought.

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