Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ahhh...potty training #4

So kid #4 gets all the benefits of our years of potty training experience, right? Well, not exactly. That only works if #1, 2, and 3 were similar, in either age or gender. But no. #4 wants to potty train before she turns three, and she's, well, a she. Lucy decided to jump on the potty a few months ago, which all the boys did, but then didn't really ever progress, just like them. So we thought we were in good shape and just went about our business.

Then yesterday she decided to up her game, and by up her game I mean pick the absolutely WORST day to take that next step (well, no the worst day - that would have been the day before as we've been REALLY sick this week). But yesterday, Tom was walking past the bathroom and saw a pile of poo on the floor and started cursing the cat's name. Then he turned and saw a nekkid Lucy. Yes, she went the bathroom IN the bathroom successfully, she just missed the potty. If it weren't for the fact that I wasn't 100% I might have freaked out more. She's almost a half a year younger than ANY of the boys when they did this, so we're dealing with a two year old potty training instead of a three year old. And she pooped in the bathroom, NOT in the potty. Lucy managed to strip off all of her clothes, pulled off her diaper, poop on the floor, and stay clear of it while wandering and looking for one of us (or maybe not - she was free and clean so she might have been running nekkid through the house).

So what the heck am I supposed to do here? I have a kiddo that doesn't want mom or dad in the bathroom while she's in there (her brothers tell her to scoot out when they go in so why shouldn't she tell us to scoot out). I have a kiddo that at any point and time can not only get undressed and plop herself down on the potty properly, but also get off, close the potty, get her diaper back on and put on her clothes (she did that today), then wash her hands and sneak back OUT of the bathroom, all very quietly. And she's TWO folks. So you can't reason with her, the consequences are not quite comprehensible for her, and she's fiercely independent (YEA!!!). But man, this whole two year old girl potty training is going to be a rough ride. What have we gotten ourselves into here with this whole girl thing? And yes, I know this isn't the last time I'll be asking that question.

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