Monday, December 06, 2010

Here Comes Science!

We LOVE TMBG! The band that brought us Particle Man and Birdhouse in Your Soul (which is currently my ringtone) ventured into children's music a while back and has been nominated AGAIN for a GRAMMY!!!! Yes, They Might Be Giants is in the running for one of our favorite albums - Here Comes Science!

We listen to this in the car all the time. Funny thing though, Sam didn't quite get the lyrics to this song right when we first got the album. He heard "motion, direction, acceleration" without the "D" at the beginning of that middle word. Yes, say it out loud (as long as you aren't within earshot of any kids), and you'll why we had to stop playing the song for a short while. He'd sing it in the car, but he'd also sing it in the store, the bank, the vet, and at school. So sweet little Sam was singing this song, minus the "D" at the top of his lungs, all the time. So we took a hiatus from Here Comes Science and that fixed the problem right up. That, and we worked on the whole DIRECTION thing. ;)

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