Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stepping out of the job market and being punished for it

Apparently when I took leave form my career just over 10 years ago, I permanently damaged not only my chance for re-entry, but also my earnings potential. And apparently the longer I stay out, the worse it gets. Not sure how I feel about that now, but certainly time off from work to raise children, whether it's your decision or you are forced to do so by family circumstances, should NOT be a punishment. I should NOT take a hit in earnings, I should NOT have doors closed because I have not worked in X number of years. And for me it gets worse. I now have TEN YEARS on my resume that are blank.

But in those ten years I've stepped up and grown. I've become a better employee. I've matured and am more confident. I've learned how to play politics and how to deal with pretty much anyone. I've learned how to manage expectations - mine and those around me. And I've got nothing to fill in the blank on my resume. PTA this and MOMS Club that doesn't cut it anymore. Women today who walk away from careers, for even brief periods of time are told that they are not welcome back in the same capacity as before. Funny part is, I'm guessing I'd be a significantly better employee than I was ten years ago fresh out of grad school, and I was a damn good employee then.

So thanks again Elena Kagan for stepping up and joining one of the oldest boys's clubs in the county. But one of these days a mom will follow in your footsteps and we'll all be prouder.

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