Monday, August 16, 2010


The one thing that absolutely terrifies my husband is having a daughter. OOOPS. Too late for that. I guess the second thing that absolutely terrifies him is my hippy bippy upbringing. OOOPS. Too late for that too. While my dad says that I wasn't raised as a hippy, enough of my mom rubbed off on me that I can't shed my flower-child ways. And so, my daughter goes into the pool with a swim diaper. Hey, it was a swim diaper, after all, and she was in the baby pool. But yeah, that's the third thing that terrifies him - mostly nekkid kids running around out in public. Seems that it doesn't bother me at all, nor does it bother any of my young 'ens. ;) Sorry hunny.

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Dakini Verona said...

boy can I relate.. my husband says that my hippie past does not bother him.. yet he refuses to read my blog on it, my daughter says she loves reading about it, yet she does not want her boyfriend to read it because he "may get the wrong idea". My son on the other hand sent me text telling me he was in tears and I am his hero. I have come to terms with my past, finally and am sad that not everyone embracing it as much as I am. After all.. without our pasts.. who would we be? Certainly not who we are today!
True Confessions of a Former Flower Child