Friday, July 02, 2010

Last Day of School - June 24, 2010

Ian and Sam - 1st Grade
Srta. Zuniga - Spanish (math and science)

Ms. Golleher - English (reading, social studies, history, etc.)

Ms. McClain - English (Social Studies for Ian)

Max - 4th Grade
Ms. Hoffman -English (reading, social studies, history, etc.)

Sra. Tincoff - Spanish (math and science)

Due to a total fluke (or a brilliant scheduler -thanks!) Ian and Sam had the same two teachers this year but were in opposite classes. Made our lives very easy having 5 teachers this year instead of 7. All three boys are in Spanish Immersion, so they spend half the day with the English speaking teacher and half with their Spanish speaking teacher. Due to a weird scheduling thing, Ian had a third teacher this year for a little each day, and they did social studies. Ms. McClain also was Max's first grade teacher a few years back, so Ian settled right in. All three boys had a great year, and all were promoted to the next grade! (YEA!) Congrats guys and welcome to 5th and 2nd grades!

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