Friday, February 05, 2010

The Baseball Bat

At some point in the last few months Virginia was lifted up and placed in Minnesota. Yes, we live in the land of snow now. This past week the boys went to school for a total of TWO days. Monday was a holiday, then we were snowed out both Wednesday and Friday - from two separate storms. You see, this winter we have had in the DC area 24" of snow. Our average for this area is about 15". Already we are over that average, we have snow sitting on the ground, and they are forecasting between 20-30" of snow today and tomorrow. Yes, we might get 2.5 FEET of snow. This is still DC, right? Crazy. Anyway, instead of a yardstick, which we broke measuring the last snow, we are using a handy dandy plastic baseball bat. The kids certainly can't use it indoors over the next few days, and hopefully it's tall enough. So far this is what we have:

First at about 11am this morning:

Then at about 7pm:

And now at midnight:

And apparently it will be snowing between 1-3" per hour over the next few hours. I'm wondering what we'll wake up to in the morning. Will we be able to even tell where the driveway is? Will we be able to get out to play tomorrow? Will it stop snowing at all tomorrow, or continue all day as they are predicting? Well, I can tell you that we will be able to find the driveway, thanks to Facebook and a fantastic hubby. My friends on Facebook (and one via e-mail) mentioned that they were shoveling or had shoveled several times today. You see, we snow deprived folks have to take our cues form our surroundings as far as functioning in conditions like this. So when I see that loads of other DC folks are shoveling, well, I send my hubby out. So he's out there right now trying to remove the 6-9" of snow that's fallen thus far:

And they are predicting another storm that will arrive next week, on top of the bazillion inches of snow that we have now. Wild, loads of fun, and makes for great sled runs. More from the bat tomorrow!


Auntie Ray said...

I have become lazy and I now hire someone to do the snow removal. However, if Tom will travel with his shovel, I will hire him.

Stimey said...

I like the little snow hat on the bat.