Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nasty Kitchen Chairs

We need new kitchen chairs - desperately. I'm not kidding - take a peek:

We've tried recovering them, and while that works for a bit, the kids are , well, kids, and the chairs will continue looking like they do. I'm hesitant to recover them again as they look kinda gross now, but I need to mention one other thing. The chairs are hard as rock uncomfortable. The cheapo bench (I should call it a good looking bench because it is) is even more comfortable than these chairs. You see, the last time we recovered them several years ago - before we had any kiddos actually - and we mad a mistake. We used MDF for the seats as one had a friends foot go through it right before we replaced it, and another was cracked and I'm certain that the next time I sat on it it surely would have broken. So, we grabbed a stronger board for the seat thinking not at all that a stronger board is a harder board, and a harder board would hurt your butt if you sat on it more than a few minutes. Now, we did use a cushion under than once beautiful fabric, but even a few inches of cushion won't combat MDF.

So, we're in the midst of the discussion about what to do. Seeing as how we're not big purchasers of furniture - we didn't actually purchase the beautiful table that these chairs sit at - and we don't really want to buy new chairs, we're torn. Do we spend a few bucks and take the time to recover them, this time replacing the MDF with something a big softer / more flexible? Or do we drop $100-$300 PER CHAIR for some nice looking teak chairs that compliment our table? Or do we just toss it all out and get a picnic table in the kitchen? (Oh, I need to delete that part as that's Tom's first choice and not really an option.) Yeah, nice new fabric and three kiddos? What the heck would do the trick here? Vinyl is a bit too sticky, and 70's for me. Any fabric runs the risk of being stained almost instantly upon deposit on one of our chairs. And those kids? They are just 7 , 5, and 5, so it's not really an option to wait until they are a bit older - you see them - they are gross! So, what to do, what to do? Maybe Tom's idea about the picnic table isn't such a bad one. No, I'll stick to my guns and we'll get something figured out here, but it's gotta be soon..

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Stimey said...

What about Target chairs? Or some similarly less expensive option. Better than the current situation, but not the end of the world if they get destroyed.

You just reminded me that I have to go scrub my kitchen chairs. They don't have fabric, but they're still pretty dirty. Sigh.