Saturday, February 23, 2008

I have PINK Hair, it that so wrong?

Apparently not! And that's certainly a pleasant surprise. I thought for sure that I'd get some not so nice looks, but it just didn't happen. People impress me sometimes when I least expect it, and this is one of those times. My hubby wonders what took me so long, my kids request colors, and lots of people smile. I don't mean a few people, but LOTS and LOTS. It seems that when confronted with a regular looking woman with pink hair (read that as one that's not covered in tattoos or wearing all black or pierced everywhere), it makes you smile to think that she'd dye her hair pink. After you've taken that second look at her hair you just have to make eye contact, and then you run across my big grin. Occasionally people look away, but generally people smile back. Can't beat that with a stick.

But like I said, Tom wondered what took me so long. I've never dyed my hair before, and you see, I am a chicken. After talking to my stylist about it, I hunted up another expert trained in the field - my cousin who does this professionally. She's a few years younger and kinda laughed when I asked her about it, but she too said to go for it. So, off I went and bleached out my hair then dyed it pink. Now, I didn't do this myself - that's just crazy talk. But voila! Here I am with pink hair:

It's subtle - in case you were concerned I really didn't dye the whole thing pink and can cover most of it - here it's just peeking out but there's a bit more underneath if I'm feeling wild! And no weird looks from the pre-school moms, the PTA parents, or the teachers. The students in my scrapbooking class just chalk it up to the fact that I'm an artist, and the kiddos love it. I mean really, they dig it. When I pick the boys up from pre-school we all stand around visiting while the kids run outside one last time. Three or four little boys stood about 10 feet away from me kind of giggling and pointing. One boy smiled and said "It IS pink." Another smiled back at the first and after a quick glance said, "I think it looks pretty." And then they all ran off to bigger and better things. So I guess I have won over the four and five year old crowd. Now I'm old hat at school and the kids don't even give me a second glance. Too bad for the next pre-school mom that wants to get herself some attention I've blown it for you - and sorry about that. But you will get lots of smiles and grins from jsut about everyone else you run across.


SilkOne said...

It's really cute! I'm going to show it to my daughter, who is 4 and LOVES the color pink...wonder how long it'll take to convince her that she cannot have pink hair until she's a grown-up???

Robin said...

Well, here in DC, we are diverse in many ways :)