Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Staying up Late?

I was perusing a few stores' websites to see what their hours were, thinking I could run a few errands when the little guys are in school tomorrow. I figured they'd close at regular hours tonight and open at regular hours tomorrow morning, but I was hoping that at least one or two of them would open an hour early so I could sneak a bit more in. What a shock to see that one place, L. L. Bean, is open 24 HOURS from now until Xmas. Also, Kohl's is open basically 16 hours a day from now until then - all the way up until midnight. Well, isn't that convenient? I can spend every waking hour stalking the wiley...well, the wiley....winter coat. Yes, I'm good to go on Xmas gifts, with the exception of a few small things, but I am coatless. I have a nice jacket that will get me through (and it did for the first snow) but it is certainly not warm enough to protect me when I get down and play in the snow. Now, normally in December I would be fine with that other coat, but they are predicting possible snow - and definitely a wintry mix this weekend. And that means that I will be cold. So, it's off to the store to grab the jacket.

So the question is, should I hit up the store tonight after the kids go to bed? Or should I fight traffic and possible sleet and ice and snow, not to mention traffic in the morning to obtain said coat? If you know me then the answer is very easy. I regularly stay up very late. So tonight you'll find me out hunting up the wiley winter coat. Yupl I'm staying up late for a reason this time.

<-So what do you think - won't I look cute (warm) in this?

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