Monday, December 31, 2007


WOO HOO for me!!! I ran about 1/2 a mile yesterday! I am starting in on this thing where you end up not-walking a 5K when you are through - about 90 days. There's no time goal, just the goal of not walking that race. I figured that this was a good place to start seeing as how I haven't run in about Oh..a bajillion years..since high school actually. I exercised in college and ran some here and there - even on an elliptical machine in grad school. But, this was me, picking up my feet, tromping along on the treadmill going about oh so fast. Tom had a big grin (he was running right next to me) as I walked my first half mile, ran the second, then walked the third. I didn't expire, I didn't fall down or trip, I didn't poke an eye out (yea reduction and good bra!) and I can still walk. So, tomorrow we are back after one day of rest. Hopefully I will update you in a month or so when I'm running about 2 miles (which seems like an awfully long distance).

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3XMom said...

woo congrats! Keep it going. I did the couch potato to 5k program last summer, and can still run 2 1/2 miles 3x a week. You can do it!