Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What a GAME!

If you read my last blog entry, you know that I was up late last night. What you might not know is that I am a HUGE football fan (I'm sure you've seen the FSU/UT posts here and there) and that I was watching football with Tom. We are in the middle of bowl season with a new game every day, sometimes two or three...four...five. I digress. Last night Tom and I watched a fantastic game that kept us up late. In the end, David slew Goliath, as he always seems to do in those stories. Growing up in Texas I was bred to hate Oklahoma (although that's a strong word - I consider it more of a strong dislike) - not the state, not the people, but the school there - OU. So it's only natural to root for whomever they are playing (same thing for the Florida schools when FSU has a bad year - we're rooting for all KINDS of Florida schools this year.

So last night OU was playing in a bowl game against what everyone is calling the Cinderella team Boise State. Who knew that there was even a football player int he state, let alone a bunch that could put together a winning program, a winning season, and a winning game against the #7 team in the country. Did I mention that Boise State was ranked #9? Well, they play in the WAC conference, so one would assume that this team, after playing all those middle school girls teams out there in the west would have a good record. What you don't know (because no one thought much of them at any point along the way this year) is that they are good. Not just win the WAC and have a perfect record good, but beat OU good. They put together a solid game, stopped OU at every turn, and even pulled a trick play at the end of the first overtime to beat the Sooners. They chose to take the risk and win the game rather than force a second overtime.

Tom said with 1:42 left in the game "Oh, this is the game." He was wrong - OU scored and Boise marched right back down the field and scored as well. Then he was in knots. FSU does this to you on their so-so years - you know the feeling. It starts with a pit in your stomach then rolls into a tight ball, followed by a huge knot. The relief only comes after the loss. But last night there was no loss - a trick play and some solid football work from a bunch of guys whom no one else wants won the Fiesta Bowl for the Broncos. As it is reported, the two teams combined for 22 points in the final 86 seconds. Talk about knots in your stomach for everyone. Led by a quarterback who went to therapy to boost his confidence (and speaks about it openly), and supported by a team without an automatic bid for a BCS game, the Broncos made a statement last night. Unfortunately this is the first time they have yelled loudly and while they believe they deserve a shot at the National Championship after going 13-0 this season and then beating a team that was a strong favorite (from a "strong" conference), not sure who will hear them yell. They are no Ohio State, Florida, or even Michigan or USC, but they certainly have brought themselves into the mix. Next season folks will wonder what Boise State is up to. They will watch the games and pick their players for their Fantasy Football teams. The kids on the team have the right attitude as well - all they are saying is that they deserve a look, a chance for the National Title. They most likely won't the title itself, but they will have folks talking, and that's all they are asking for. What a game...

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