Saturday, January 06, 2007


Balance. That is what 2007 is all about for me. Balance in life, in play, in work, in everything. Ali Edwards (a scrapbooking inspiration for me - if you aren't familiar wither her work you should really check it out here) wrote on her blog that we need to choose a word that represents what we want for ourselves in 2007. So, I chose balance. 2006 was such a wacky year from start to finish, and in all aspects of my life. It seemed at points as if it was all or nothing, extreme highs and lows. I am choosing to create more balance in my life in 2007 in any are that I can affect directly.

I will play more
I will go out on more dates with my hubby
I will watch less TV
I will scrapbook at least a bit every day
I will play more board games with the kids
I will take better care of my aging body
I will spend more afternoons and weekends outside
I will watch my business take off
I will not let the laundry get the best of me
I will skateboard often
I will continue to exercise three times a week
I will see more current movies in the theater
I will enjoy my family

My balance will come naturally and without and stress or fussing. My balance will be evident throughout my life. You will see me smiling more, more comfortable in my own body, and more relaxed. 2007 will be a banner year for me.

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