Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cars is BACK (and we've got a cool give-away)!!!

While they had seen bits and pieces of free Saturday morning movies in the past, in June of 2006 my youngest boys saw their first full length official movie at the theater - Cars (aren't they cute!):
Five years later...Cars 2 is coming out! I am so excited - we LOVED the first Cars movie. We have loads of Cars toys and books, and the boys really took to it. Well, Lucy too is all about cars and trucks (and has been playing with some of the Cars characters even though she hasn't been officially introduced to them yet), and now she has the opportunity to see HER first real in-the-theater movie. Lucy will just be three and the little boys were three and a half, but I'm really hoping that she'll enjoy the second Cars movie (and the popcorn, of course) just as much as her brothers did five years ago!

Between the homage to Back to the Future and the "Materhosen" in the preview below - I'm super excited!

Take a peek at this scene too:

Gotta love a movie that has this great of a bathroom scene - and gotta love Mater! This time around the gang hits the road for an international race - and mystery and intrigue follow them! Cars 2 opens June 24 in theaters across the country (and I can't wait to see it).

If your kids are big Cars fans like mine, keep reading for a cool give-away!

I'm hosting a drawing for this cool Cars 2 t-shirt, along with a few other cool prizes (See them all below). I will select ONE winner for this drawing, and the prize pack will be mailed directly to you.

- CARS 2 t-shirt in youth sizes of S, M, L, XL

- CARS 2 set of 3 bumper tickets

- CARS 2 temporary tattoo sheet (2 per winner)

- CARS 2 puzzle

To enter this giveaway, tell me about YOUR favorite Cars character! One entry will be drawn at random, and the winner will be notified via e-mail. Be sure to either sign in to leave your comment or leave it in the comment itself so I can notify you. Comments will close and drawing will be held at midnight July 5th. Winner must reply to the e-mail notification with their name, mailing address, and t-shirt size (youth only) by noon Eastern on July 7th or a second winner will be drawn.

The small print: I am hosting this giveaway because we are HUGE Cars fans. No compensation of any kind was received. The prizes are compliment of Disney Pixar, but the words and Cars love are all mine. Drawing open to residents of the US only. Thanks Disney Pixar for the giveaway!


Katrina said...

we just love Mater and we are all looking forward to the new one!
ykatrina at hotmail dot com

The Firth Five said...

We saw the movie yesterday and loved it! They thought it was so cool that Mater had machine guns! :)

Anonymous said...

We love lightning mcqueen, or "lightbing begeen" as my son calls him. He sleeps with his "little red race car" at night:) Great story, we can't wait to see the new one!

Chrissy McManus said...

My kids love Lighning of course but my fav in Cars 2 was Finn McMissle :)

Liz Kirchner said...

James has loved McQueen since the first movie came out and he still does!

Shannon said...

"Mater - cause I like the hook." Lucien (3 1/2) We have a marble jar to keep track of his good behavior and when it is full we are going to go see Cars 2! Grandma and Grandpa are here, so I am pretty sure the jar is going to fill up very soon!

mell said...

My favorite character is most definitely Mater. He is also Cooper's favorite and his face lights up each time he sees anything with Mater on it. Owen's favorite is Lightning McQueen... We are looking forward to seeing Cars 2 soon!

mell said...

p.s. this is martha :)

KDub said...

Lightning McQueen is a fav of Krishnan's...when I asked him he said b/c "He's shiny and fast.", and he gets a kick out of Sally calling him "Stickers".

Suzie said...

Comments are closed. Thanks to all who entered - #2 you are the winner! The Firth Five - check your inbox for a note about the contest!

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