Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I LUV Martha Graham

When I was little my mom would take me to shows - musicals, dance, orchestras, you name it. But after one or two exposures it was all begging on my part. "Please can we go see ____??? PLEEEEAAASE?" An actual conversation in my house growing up. And she obliged me. I saw a few shows on and off of Broadway in NYC (having local to NY grandparents helped that), but mostly I saw shows in San Antonio - all kinds of shows. I remember the first time I saw Martha Graham's dance troupe - I was mesmerized. It was one of those performances that has you on the edge of your seat - not because of any suspense but because you feel the need to pop up and move. I am positive that I danced my way out that day. I saw Martha Graham's troupe one more time before she passed away, and still to this day I have memories of those performances. I can't tell you what they danced, but I can tell you how I felt. I was inspired, happy, moved to, well, move. I popped in and out of dance over the years - just enough to NOT look like a fool when I'm out and about, but never got very far. But I do remember those performances. They were powerful, serene, outrageous, clever, and they inspired me to dance. To this day Appalachian Spring remains one of my favorites.

Today Google recognizes Martha Graham with a Google Doodle. The static image is above, but the graphic in motion actually evokes some of the same feelings that I had when I was little.
So thanks Google, for once again making me smile. And Miss Martha - Happy Birthday!

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