Thursday, January 06, 2011

Brand New Bag

My kids go in wild jags and tear through things. Food mainly (but they also tear through books these days...), but they do really go after things that they like. For instance, these Wheat Thins. i bought two boxes of BIG What Thins, which generally come with a mostly full bag of crackers in them. But not at my house. My kids opened up the bag for lunch and ate THE ENTIRE BAG, leaving four, maybe five measly crackers. Yes, they ate the whole thing over lunch. Now, I do have four kids, but still - that's crazy cracker eating. And the worst part is that they are still young. Soon I know I'm going to be buying two boxes and they'll eat both at lunch (for the record I DID buy two boxes but didn't tell them that! Our next major purchase will be a refrigerator - to keep in the garage and hold all the "extra" food and drinks from the kitchen. Those extra things are swinging into the house at a much more rapid rate than I'm willing to admit these days getting bigger!

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