Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mi s ng lett rs

What the heck are you supposed to do when the letters on your favorite keyboard rub off? Yes, they are slowly but surely disappearing. And to make it worse, as long as I've been typing and as fast as I type, I still look at the keys to see where the letters are (and use the spell check a LOT). As you can see the letters right next to the P are gone completely, but without typing a letter or two I'm not honestly sure which one is which. and on the other end my A and S are also almost completely gone. At what point am I supposed to buy a new keyboard - replacing the one that I love. I love it so much because of the feel of the keys and the sound it makes when I type - full, authoritative. So while I really don't want to replace my favorite typing buddy, I'm not sure that just any replacement will suffice. It's worse than trying to find a hairdresser (and I'm really picky about that one).

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RevAnne said...

Not that I have ever done this...but a fine-tipped paint pen or opaque permanent marker will help. Your keyboard with then have a slightly devil-may-care insouciance.
Also keep the pen or marker handy. You will need to use it again.