Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Napmeister

This boy is the MASTER of the quick nap. If there was an award to be won, Ian would win it. We drive 30 seconds away from school and he's out. We hit the road for a soccer game, and he's out. We head out for gymnastics, and he's out. His napping skills simply can't be beat. And he's not sleeping because he's totally exhausted - he gets a decent amount of sleep at night - he just needs more. He would do well if he could take an afternoon nap every day, but unfortunately school doesn't allow that to happen. Up until he was in school he took regular naps. Not regular like his older brother Max did - Max would sleep for two hours every day until he hit kindergarten. But Ian took (and still takes) cat naps. For some kids this would cause trouble a night, but he's also pretty quick to go to bed then too. Ian takes a 20-30 minute nap (and sometimes shorter), then wakes up and hops right out of the car and goes on his way. He goes from dead asleep to gymnastics in two minutes. He goes from slumped over to soccer in 90 seconds. Pretty impressive if you ask me. Nothing wrong with him - he just needs MORE sleep than other folks, and if I had his napping skills I'd be taking full advantage of them too!

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Everyday Adventuress said...

I'm ridiculously jealous.