Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Glasses anyone?

How long are you allowed to let your kid go with broken glasses? What is the rule in Mom Land? Well, in my part of Mom land, as long as it takes for you to get collected enough and decide how to replace them so they don't have the same exact failure all over again. You see, this little man:
cute as he is, is very hard on his glasses (and it has nothing to do with soccer). He is constantly fidgeting with them. If you look closely you will see that they are all cattywampus on his face. We have taken him in to have them adjusted about 10 times since he got them in March of this year. Yes, TEN times in 7 months. But while we joke when we leave that we'll see them in a week (they laugh - I don't) I get sick of having to drive over to the eyeglass place to get them adjusted. But, I always do. Tom, on the other hand, decides that HE will adjust them and of course, they finally fail. We bought Ian the fancy Flexon glasses that can bend around your finger, absorb the impact of being hit with a ball, and retain their shape when you sleep on them. But apparently you cannot adjust them at home. Those times that we are told NOT to try this at home, well, no one mentioned that in respect to the glasses. So, the one part that is NOT the Flexon breaks. Yes, his nose piece is just gone from his glasses, and of course the 90 day warranty is up. Well, that and his daddy broke them (at least that's what IAN tells me).
So, the dragging of my feet here involves the next step - what the heck should we put him in that won't break at the drop of the hat, yet will give his clearer vision. Part of the reason we got them adjusted so often was that he pushed them really, REALLY far up his nose to see, and him fidgeted with them all the time. A pair with a fixed nose piece would solve that problem, but plastic frames (my current frame of choice) doesn't fly on a 6 year old. So, we're heading back to the eyeglasses place here in a day or so, and we will try once again to get this darling little man into a pair of frames that will last him longer than a week.

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Ladybug Crossing said...

Have you tried They have $8 glasses that are okay - the lenses are terrific and the frames are pretty cool. I get my LLB a "junk" pair from them every time she has a new prescription (just in case). I also get her the sunglasses from them because if they get lost or broken I've not got too much invested, you know?